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  • About a year & a half ago, I'm en voyage through the Systimax parking lot on 120th & L @ in regards 5ish (rush hour)and I notice this bright orange jeep with a old guy picking up a female @ the front door.This guy ends up behind me & is tailgating the WHOLE way to the interstate. I lower my speed in regards five MPH thinking he may obtain the hint however oh no, he stays right on my bumper. We obtain to the highway & I head to 680 & he heads toward I80. He has the nerve to flip ME off when he's been riding my a$$ the whole time!!! Not a smart thing to do when u operate a BRIGHT orange jeep. Yes, it's a year & a half later & I still remember u - I'll make certain to retain flipping u off all time I see you.

    • Car Details: ORANGE JEEP
    • Last Seen Location: Omaha, Nebraska, US
    Anonymous June 21, 2007
    Flagged As: Information

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