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  • 2 lanes shift into 1 lane i had my signal on to change into continuing lane. female fled up to not allow me in her lane. so i slowed down to attempt to obtain behind her. she kept pace slowing down so i couldnt obtain behind her. so i fled back up to obtain around her & she did the same. i was able to obtain in front of her however she was very upset. So she cursed at me, flipped me off, phoned me names & insulted me for in regards 2 miles. then in a crossing she attempted to run me off the way either smash me. she did this again futher up the road. she then followed me into my neighborhood & attempted to smash my auto again. then i stopped to ask her to stop pursuing me then she blocked my auto in & received out of her auto & was screaming & cursing again. I phoned 911 & after 2 min. of screaming she left. Police arrived after she left & grabbed my statement. BEWARE of this crazy suburban psycho woman! She is impolite & tries to cause accidents above nothing. Police could was surprised. I am just grateful my child was not in the auto with me.

    • Car Details: Black ACURA TSL
    • Last Seen Location: omaha, Nebraska, US
    Anonymous June 17, 2008
    Flagged As: Information

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