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  • Bureaugard Town, corner of France & Maximillian Streets. Maximillian does NOT have a stop sign, while France does on two sides. This fat butt female (yes, she was large, obtain above it), yaping on her god damn mobile phone, almost t-boned my rather new, expensive auto with her crappy 10+ year old Cavalier; if it wasn't for my evasive maneuvers, she would've. To provide u a idea how close it was, it pissed me off enough to shift off toward a side road & catch her on East Blvd just to catch her license plate. She was still clueless. Didn't even realize I was parked on the side of the way standing by for her.

    • Car Details: Blue CHEVROLET Cavalier
    • Last Seen Location: Baton Rouge, Louisiana, US
    Anonymous February 27, 2008
    Flagged As: Information

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