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  • You was speeding & weaving in & out of traffic on the Airport Viaduct on Saturday, January twenty at around 8:45 am. You was in Lane #3 when u came up on slower traffic, & since u couldn't cut in in front of me, u sneaked in behind with very small clearance between us. Then u tailgated me until the Nimitz off-ramp, when u swung into the furthermost right lane & fled down the ramp. Funny thing is that I captured up to u at the very next stoplight at Sand Island Access Road. Was it all worth it? Do u know that other individuals are watching u & that we all think you're a moronic idiot?

    • Car Details: Silver / Grey PONTIAC Grand Am
    • Last Seen Location: Airport Viaduct, Hawaii, US
    Anonymous January 22, 2007
    Flagged As: Information

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