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  • im not 100% certain if the plate is right however im almost positive it is. i was moving down i-43s in the right lane. go to pass a semi that was in the left lane & this bunghole comes flying up on my bumper & gets so close to my auto that i cant see the bottom half of his windshield! i put my 4-ways on to allow him know he's to damn close & he backs off. we obtain pass the semi he does the same he does the same thing however to change lanes & cuts off the semi. im losing my cool at this point as a result of he has almost smash me 2 times in a half mile & i blow my horn at him so he decides to cut me off & crash on his brakes. ill admit i gave him the finger when i passed him however as away as im concerned this guy deserved that & a lot more. he then decides to obtain next to me & gives me the many retarted glancing wave i have ever seen. i wonder how light on his feet he is?

    • Car Details: white 2 door coupe OTHER
    • Last Seen Location: muskego, Wisconsin, US
    Anonymous June 22, 2012
    Flagged As: Information

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