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  • I'm en voyage through the parking lot at the Copeland's Cheesecake Bistro by the Mall of Louisiana, when I find a parking space. I proceed to shift the auto when this douchebag pulls through from the other side into the space - I beeped a very quick beep to allow her know she almost smash me without saying nothing & found a better parking space. Before I even received out of the car, me & my fiancee could hear this female saying things enjoy 'That f**king douchebag is yelling at me & calling me a douchebag as a result of I stole her parking space.' Nobody yelled at you. My fiancee yelled out 'What's ur problem?' & u continued to confront us... retain in mind, we did nothing wrong. When u came above to obtain in our faces & complain that I phoned u a bitch, my fiancee then accurately described u as u was - a 'fat whore'. It was then we noticed u was pregnant, however honey, u didn't obtain the fat from pregnancy. You continued to threaten to smash me & my fiancee... real classy thing to do while you're pregnant... it 1 strengthens my argument for birth control. We threatened to call the cops... that wasn't necessary though, as a result of a cops officer was watching u the entire time. You then made fun of my fiancee as a result of he was on a reality show, however again - there's no reality show in the world that could fix you.

    • Car Details: Champagne CHEVROLET Trailblazer
    • Last Seen Location: Baton Rouge, Louisiana, US
    Anonymous June 21, 2008
    Flagged As: Information

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