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  • 2/26 8AM - Great work Mr. Policeman. I followed u toward I-270 & watched the guy in the Caravan speed previous two of us. I knew immediately what was moving to happen next. Have a great day!

    • Car Details: dark blue DODGE Caravan
    • Last Seen Location: Maryland Heights, Missouri, US
    Anonymous February 26, 2007
    Flagged As: Information
  • 1/24 12:20-ish today -- I was behind you, oh lovely Maryland Heights PO in the Explorer. Going down Marine Ave towards Westport, u made that 1st right into the back of Westport, behind the Sheraton. What I can't understand is why u didn't bother to use ur shift signal? I would think (hope) that u was aware of ur surroundings, & knew I was behind you. OH WAIT A MINUTE, I KNOW! You was holding ur mobile telephone in the right hand, so of course u had to use ur left hand to shift the steering wheel, thus negating the use of a shift signal. I sooo obtain it now!!Should've beeped at ur impolite a$$. I'm certain the individual turning out of that entrance didn't appreciate you, either.It's sad, as a result of I know a lot colleagues of yours, & I enjoy them. But I don't enjoy u so much.

    • Car Details: Maryland Heights Police Colors - blue and grey FORD Explorer
    • Last Seen Location: Maryland Heights, Missouri, US
    Anonymous January 24, 2008
    Flagged As: Information

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