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  • I was going East on 209 by the Kinsley's & Mr. Z's & was behind few someone who was turning left into Kinsley's. Traffic gets not good here & patience runs very thin (Especially since NJ & NY flock here on weekends). Well, as the guy was turning in & I was moving forward the Dodge two vehicles behind us pulled around the must & cut us off (he was running out of room)and almost push me, my wife & my ten month old into oncoming traffic. He had two Christmas trees on his hood, I guess he had to obtain them up in a rush to wait the five seconds it grabbed for the guy in front of me to turn. It isn't enjoy Christmas is tomorrow.

    • Car Details: Green DODGE Caravan
    • Last Seen Location: Broadheadsville, Pennsylvania, US
    Anonymous December 17, 2006
    Flagged As: Information

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