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  • I know you're asking yourself, 'Why did that yellow auto suddenly speed up & move above to the left lane in front of me & then slow back down?' Here's why: I was cruising along I-66 in the right lane doing 71 MPH. I notice slower traffic in regards a half mile ahead, so I start planning my lane change. Checking my back view, I see u in the left lane with ur right signal on, & it looks enjoy you're moving in behind me quite a way back there. Great! I must be able to continue my speed & just move above to the left when I demand to. Checking back ur way again, I notice you're still in the left lane AND you're speeding up! You seem to be moving pretty fast, so with the apparent closure rate between us, u SHOULD just blow right by me, & then I can just slip above to the left behind you. That would occupation out just as well for me! Well, as I continue to monitor ur progress behind me, I notice that you've slowed down just behind me to my left, & you're just moving the same speed as me! (Oh great - ANOTHER ONE). Not 1 are u blocking the left lane that I'm gonna demand in the next small seconds, however ur headlights are shining in my eyes from my side view mirror. I remain patient hoping you'll either move on either fade back, however no such luck - you're just moving the same speed as me on my left. THAT, my friend, is why that yellow auto suddenly fled up, moved above to the left in front of u & then slowed back down! I required the left lane that u was blocking & I required to obtain ur lights out my eyes! My move accomplished two requires for me. I think u received the msg as u moved above to the right & continued to pass me on the right... however now we're coming the slower auto in the right lane... HOW do u enjoy THEM apples??? Pretty f***in' selfish of me, eh? So, now u know why I did what I did. Could u say me WHY u just decided to slow down to my left rear?

    • Car Details: Dark OTHER VAN or SUV
    • Last Seen Location: Marshall, Virginia, US
    Anonymous September 21, 2007
    Flagged As: Information

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