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  • Our hero was pulling out of a side road on to Pali/Bishop Street going makai near the Long's Drugs at Pali & Vineyard. Rather than wait a additional five seconds for the vehicles to pass, he decided he required to obtain out right away, so he cut off few someone in the right lane. Then he decided he had to obtain above to the lanes to the left of the divider strip that separates the four lanes into two & two just mauka of Beretania. Once again, he simply cut off drivers, & absolutely had to come to a dead stop blocking two lanes before traffic moved enough for him to obtain to the crossover for the left hand lanes. Truly a impatient, dangerous imbecile.

    • Car Details: silver NISSAN Altima
    • Last Seen Location: Honolulu, Hawaii, US
    Anonymous August 11, 2010
    Flagged As: Information

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