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  • Does PANDA EXPRESS deliver? Must be, judging by the way this guy was driving. Instead of staying behind my auto at a stoplight, he swings into the next lane over, attempting to cut me off when the light turned green. He exceeds the speed limit for that area, cuts me off, then pulls into the next lane again when the auto in front of him is moving 'too slow'. I saw him continue up Farrington Highway weaving in & out of traffic. With all the PANDA EXPRESS decals he has on that car, 1 would think that he'd be en voyage more responsibly. As it is, I will NEVER patronize PANDA EXPRESS again. There is ample amount of competition out there for better Chinese food. Just saying. If you're en voyage a comp car, have more sense & respect for other operators on the road. You just may lose customers if u behave enjoy a fool.

    • Car Details: SILVER TOYOTA PRIUS
    • Last Seen Location: WAIPAHU, Hawaii, US
    Anonymous August 14, 2013
    Flagged As: Information

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