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  • 8:15am Northbound on I-5 March 20th 2007. Traffic in the SLOW (Right)lane was moving along at seventy - seventy five mph. Speed limit is seventy mph, however all of us are happy. You passed 3 of us while using the middle lane, no problem. With less than 500 ft to the Stanwood/Camano exit u pull a hard, no signal, right in front of a eighteen wheeler, cutting him off with less than twenty feet of clearance. The trucker stood on his brakes & smoked his trailer tires. I was right behind the truck. It's a good thing all of us had the feeling this was moving to happen so no accident occured. Dumb butt move on ur part. Had the trucker not laid on his brakes the accident would have made the evening news.

    • Car Details: Cream or White DODGE Grand Caravan
    • Last Seen Location: Stanwood-Camano Island I-5 Exit, Washington, US
    Anonymous March 21, 2007
    Flagged As: Information

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