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  • going through Waikiki on Kalakaua (going East of course), I was passing Kapahulu & intended to bear right to continue on the Makai side of Kapiolani Park. The MORON in the black Montero (HDC 030) was in the middle lane with his front commuter door in regards even with the nose of my car, & he allegedly as well wanted to go on the makai side of Kapiolani Park as a result of he started moving right where the way splits. I beeped my horn few times, however MORON was completely oblivious & just kept moving over, forcing me to brake hard to retain him from smashing me & pushing me on to the sidewalk. have a small suggestions for this menace: 1. obtain few vaseline either KY jelly, & borrow a crowbar from someone. 2. smear the vaseline either KY around ur neck, & then using the crowbar, dislodge ur head from ur ass. You may demand to obtain few help with this since it appears ur head is stuck WAY up in there. 3. clean out ur eyes & ur ears thoroughly so u can see & hear enjoy a normal person. 4. if u can manage it, start en voyage enjoy a normal person, including using ur shift signals & yielding the right of way where appropriate. 5. if ur exceedingly limited brain power won't allow u to operate enjoy a normal person, please sell ur auto (if it's yours), surrender ur license (if u have one), & purchase a bus pass. 6. if u do purchase a bus pass, please feel free to reinsert ur head into ur ass. Have a nice day, idiot.

    • Car Details: black MITSUBISHI Montero
    • Last Seen Location: Honolulu, Hawaii, US
    Anonymous September 06, 2011
    Flagged As: Information

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