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  • Okay, so this tard is on the exit way from 1 of the EPCOT resorts, speed limit 25mph. I make a left shift on to spoke way in regards 200 feet until u obtain to a traffic light. Pulled ahead of him with ample room (about fifty feet). This jerk continues at full-speed (probably around 45) until he's in regards to kiss my bumper, full horn blaring, finger pointed to the sky. THEN he swings around me to the right, & cuts me off, missing my right front by six inches, along with the left back of the vehichle which was occupying the right lane, & then speeds the remaining sixty FEET right up to the traffic light where he slams on the brakes to stop.Jeeze, dude -- Next time grab the pot with orange handle.In the meantime, we two turned left when the light turned green, he continued to FLY down the way at around 65-70 in a 45, I suppose as a result of he wanted to be 1st at the next traffic light. He accomplished this. I was making a left at this next light, so when the green arrow lit, as I passed, I gave him a polite 'wave' (all five fingers) & wished him a nice day.This clown's received 'Jerk' tatooed on his butt *and* forehead.Note: -- The plate was for 1 of the sports teams, not the fish as pictured, however the configuration is the same. I didn't recognize the team.

    • Car Details: White HONDA Prelude
    • Last Seen Location: Walt Disney World, Florida, US
    Anonymous February 19, 2007
    Flagged As: Information

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