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  • I slow down for the school section on west Mobile Hwy by Beulah Elementary & this red Dodge truck is on the way that goes by the school (I think it's Jennifer Rd). The school is very close to the highway, u can easily see it as u pass by. The Dodge motorist realizes I'm moving very slow for the school section & decided to pull out with plenty of time as a result of I'm at 20mph. Then the motorist putts forward for a small feet & picks up speed so by the time the Dodge goes by the 'End School Zone' sign the truck is moving in regards normal speed of 55mph. Well, Dodge driver, u know u just drove previous a school & u know it's a school section on the highway, however u don't care. Speeding in the school section did not do u all good as a result of I captured up with u tnx to alternative auto which pulled out in front of YOU & went a small slower than the speed limit. Lucky for u that this school section does not obtain much enforcement. Now & then I see a cops car, county either state, however not often.

    • Car Details: Red DODGE Ram pickup
    • Last Seen Location: Pensacola, Florida, US
    Anonymous March 12, 2007
    Flagged As: Information

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