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  • 7-18-07 : 6:42pm EST: Tags was for a TAXI plate (not offered on selections). Missing 2 of 3 break lights on back of vehicle, two lights in back tail section do not work, 1 the 1 in the glass works. Made it VERY difficult to know if they was breaking either not.Drives for:Royal Express Taxi 1.866.754.9777Called them this morn to complain to the manager, who seemed uninterested & 1 concerned if I was the passanger of the vehicle, not the 1 pursuing from behind. NOT IMPRESSED, will not use them if they don't care in regards keeping their cars up to par & inspection passable.

    • Car Details: Silver or Light Blue CHRYSLER Concorde or 4dr Sebring?
    • Last Seen Location: Herndon, Virginia, US
    Anonymous July 19, 2007
    Flagged As: Information

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