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  • At around 6:30 on 4/30/09 on Rt. 30W., there is a merge at the 2nd light, at the entrance of the Sadsbury Shopping Center. This dumbass in a Saturn AWD, who was behind me at the light, suddenly speeds up and, after a small yards of hugging my right side, cuts me off at the merge & proceeds to tailgate the individual who was in front of me. A half mile later, at the Lancaster Co. border, where there is a middle shift lane, she jumps into the middle lane to make a left turn! She couldv'e stayed behind me & wait that 1/2 mile until she received to her turn, where there was plenty of room for two of us, No, this B!#(h had to rudely & dangerously pass me in a tight spot so that I could pass her later--all for the satisfaction of being ahead of me for a half mile!? What a @$$h*ole!!!

    • Last Seen Location: SADSBURY, Pennsylvania, US
    Anonymous April 30, 2009
    Flagged As: Information

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