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  • On 6/5 at around 2:45pm on PA thirty after the lane merged toward 1 after moving uphill, this dumbass in his roadster speeds up the shift lane & squeezes in front of the buffer section between me & behind few motorcycles. I beeped at him & he stuck his hand out the window in a gesture of a shrug, enjoy 'Can't help it, I operate a boss hot rod & I have to show it off by by being the biggeste jerk on the road. It's the 1 way I can be a man.' He as well tailgated the auto in front of him, too, after the biker left. If this jackass wants to show off ur cool rod take it to damn auto show, where you're not behind the wheel.

    • Car Details: Purple with flames on the front FORD Model B coupe
    • Last Seen Location: Salisbury, Pennsylvania, US
    Anonymous June 06, 2009
    Flagged As: Information

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