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  • So as I am standing by to shift toward Lower State Road from Welsh Road the light twists yellow, & I am standing by for a auto to pass from the opposing direction. The individual behind me starts honking as a result of I am not voluntarily T-boning the auto from the opposite direction. The auto passes & I go, they undoubtedly can not wait the 2 minutes for the light to change so they run the red light & proceed to ride my a$$. Lower State has a speed limit of thirty five & police love to hide out on it. So I set my cruise control to thirty five & glance in my back view mirror to see this individual still riding my a$$. We approach the crossing at Horsham & Lower State & this individual gets in the left shift 1 lane. 'Good' I think, I am in the straight & right shift lane, well the light twists green & this individual takes off enjoy there is no tommorrow. Of course I step on it as well when it becomes obvious what this individual is doing. I allow them obtain in front of me, & continued to follow them with the occassionaly 1 finger wave & a 'hi how are u honk'. Obviously they can not take what they dish out & turned off at the 1st chance they could. Funny, though I watched them shift around & creep back up the operate as if they was scared. Here is my advice.......Don't dish out what u can not handle.

    • Car Details: Silver NISSAN Pathfinder?
    • Last Seen Location: North Wales, Pennsylvania, US
    Anonymous March 28, 2008
    Flagged As: Information

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