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  • I was attempting to exit & this individual, though I had plenty of room, undoubtedly did not enjoy me changing lanes into the exit lane in front of him. Apparently he required to be 'ahead.' After I changed lanes, he honked, then tailgated me for miles. He then passed me, making obscene gestures in his rearview mirror at me, & cutting me off whenever I attempted to change lanes to move away from him & put distance between us. He almost smash 3 other cars in his attempt to continually cut me off. He has 'Toys R Us' screens in his back windshield & back passenger's side window, which I would guess means he has children. If so, I really hope he does not operate this recklessly with children in the car with him.

    • Car Details: Slate Blue FORD Taurus
    • Last Seen Location: Near Naperville, Illinois, US
    Anonymous January 05, 2007
    Flagged As: Information

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