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  • When a green arrow is present that means u TURN!!! So I'm comming down the mountain on Louetta & the arrow is green at the intersection. Well the female in front of me is just sitting there glancing at the other vehicles across the intersection. I haven't even made it to the crossing yet & she hasn't moved yet.....I obtain behinde her then honk she looks back like...'What??' So I attempt to operate around her to make a right....she hits the gasoline & cuts me off....WTF.....this is 7am & all else in the good state of Texas is attempting to obtain to work....there must be a rule either a law for the road...if u do not have a job, are above the age of 60, retired, either not doing absolutley anything important...you must NOT be on the way from 6am to 9am Monday thru Friday....Freking idiots....

    • Car Details: gold OTHER
    • Last Seen Location: Spring, Texas, US
    Anonymous March 12, 2007
    Flagged As: Information

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