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  • Jerk likes to use ur shift signals as a cue to quickly move into the space u intended to merge into. I had the gall to merge before him (as he was behind me) so he tailed me in the right lane despite the left lane being wide open for passing. When I approached a slow moving vehicle, I did what normal individuals do--turn signal, check mirrors, check blind spot. Seemed good to go until I saw him gunning it into the space I was in regards to occupy. It didn't even help him, since he would be stopped much longer at all stop light than the individuals he cut off. In fact, I was behind him--not on purpose--for the rest of my trip into work. None of us was en voyage slowly. He was just a jerk, possibly compensating for his ugly auto either something else. It's funny: I am always so happy when individuals take the opportunity to pass me when it's safe to do so. I am not a slow driver; I stick to the right lanes unless I demand to change lanes; & I'm not out to win all races. Why tailgate? Why pull dumb stunts that could obtain us two hurt either damage our cars? Everyone else is en voyage normally & courteously. Why does this provide u idiotic ideas?

    • Car Details: Puce? OTHER Unidentifiably ugly
    • Last Seen Location: Middletown, Ohio, US
    Anonymous March 10, 2009
    Flagged As: Information

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