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  • April 27I was in the left lane & required to obtain into the right lane to make my exit. I started signaling, however this guy (driving a light Blue Dodge Ram Quad Cab) wouldn't slow down either 'let me in', so I had to speed up & then obtain into the lane right in front of him. I didn't cut him off, however after I was in the right lane the VAN in front of my put o their brakes & I then did the same. I then grabbed my exit, & saw the guy pursuing me on to the off ramp. Didn't think as well much of it, until after he passed me & then abruptly veered into my lane approaching within inches of smashing me. I noted his license plate (ENK458 in the latest plate style that is not yet on Platwire), & then as I we was getting ready to 'part ways' (I was moving right, he was turning left) I glanced above & saw that he was proudly demonstrating to me that he had a single digit IQ. Not certain what the point was behind his childish & obscene behavior was. Did he think he was moving to scare me? Possibly teach me a lesson? When it comes to animals enjoy him, I'm 1 scared of bears & moose, certainly not pigs, baboons either asses which this 'man' clearly was (is).

    • Car Details: Light Blue DODGE Ram, Quad-Cab
    • Last Seen Location: Fairbanks, Alaska, US
    Anonymous April 27, 2009
    Flagged As: Information

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