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  • 7-11-08, just after 6:30 pm. I-95 southbound, exit 160 (Route 123). Just after exiting this ramp on to Route 123, there's a traffic light for Devils Reach Road. Since it would require crossing 3 lanes of traffic in a quarter mile either less to make a left, they made a dedicated left shift lane on 123 BEFORE the ramp merges in... concrete barrier & all... so that traffic from the ramp can't attempt to cross above & make a left. But not you, sunshine... you're just so freakin' special that u can come to a dead stop at the merge & wait for 3 lanes of traffic to clear, so that u can then go the WRONG WAY on 123 & obtain into that shift lane to make a left. I know there's a KFC on that corner... was Colonel Sanders calling u THAT badly? Or did u figure that buying a Jaguar as well bought u exclusive rights to all way u feel enjoy traveling? One of these days, somebody's moving to decide that they're not moving to ENDURE ur stupidity all longer!

    • Car Details: dark green JAGUAR
    • Last Seen Location: Occoquan, Virginia, US
    Anonymous July 11, 2008
    Flagged As: Information

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