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  • I stopped for a auto pulling out of operate on this very narrow neighborhood road when this fella pulled up on my tail, revving his engine, after auto pulled out I then pulled above few to allow the inpatient fella pass he then gunned his motor, flew previous me & showed me his middle finger, at the next stop sign he continued to gun his motor while his brakes was on burning his back tires up on the pavement creating a atmosphere of smoke & burning rubber. This was done on a road where children & animals are always crossing the road. At the pursuing light as I was passing him to shift he opened his window & spit on my car. This motorist is very frightening if a small thing enjoy not being able to speed down a side road received him into this rage I would not want anybody around him on a freeway

    • Car Details: gray MERCURY Marquis
    • Last Seen Location: cleveland, Ohio, US
    Anonymous March 17, 2007
    Flagged As: Information

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