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  • This guy gets the christmas award for the stupidest thing ive seen in a while. Ok, so i'm turning left out of Krogers parking lot, when u shift left there is the normal lane of opposite traffic, a shift lane & the right lane which i intended to obtain into. Firstly its dark, secondly its raining. The guy in front of me was a small slow at pulling out, which provide him credit due to not good weather i can understand, however this dumbass pulled up behind me with no lights on. As we are edging towards the edge of the road, the auto behind me decides the guy in front of me is taking to long at pulling out so he decides that he want to obtain previous two of us. He pulls along side me to my right, so i think, perhaps hes had enough & is just turning right. To my suprise, (by this time a gap has opened up to shift left) he flies out of the lot & starts to shift left by the side of me. Of course theres no room for two of us as we are going towards the right lane, so he decides to cut me up just to obtain ahead, still with no lights on. I attempted to speed up a small however of course being in a back wheel operate Camaro the wheels start to spin in the rain. So he received ahead.I smash my horn & sat there with my finger up so he could see. Of course i wanted to obtain out & break his nose for almost side swiping the side of my car. He just grabbed off. About 1/4 mile down the way he realizes his lights are off & twists them on.All i can tell is what a impatient prick.

    • Car Details: unknown CHRYSLER unknown
    • Last Seen Location: Toledo, Ohio, US
    Anonymous December 23, 2006
    Flagged As: Information

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