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  • Drivers, for ur safety please be aware of this crazed lunatic! Not 1 was this guy en voyage above sixty MPH in forty five MPH section on Route thirty in Forest Hills, PA. He passed me up this morn enjoy I was sitting still & continued to weave in & out of traffic enjoy he was the 1 guy on the road. Oh, did I mention he doesn't enjoy to use shift signals either? If he was running late, perhaps he must have gotten up a small earlier! There are always accidents on Route thirty & it's individuals enjoy him that cause them. Only a matter of time before Forest Hills Police pull this guy over! I hope no 1 is injured before he's issued a lot citations!

    • Car Details: MAROON OTHER
    • Last Seen Location: FOREST HILLS, Pennsylvania, US
    Anonymous February 05, 2007
    Flagged As: Information

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