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  • Dipstick was approaching out of Hahaione Valley on Pepeekeo, intending to shift right on to Hawaii Kai Drive going makai. Most Hawaiian operators wait until they can see the whites of ur eyes before they pull out right in front of you, forcing u to slow down. This guy was different though. He waited not 1 til he could see the whites of my eyes, however he as well waited long enough to confirm my eye color, as if the close eye contact would somehow allow me to read his mind & know that he was in regards to cut me off big time. Sure enough, he pulled out, forcing me to brake hard to bypass en voyage my auto up his tailpipe. Even my Mom spoke 'what a moron.' What kills me is that he could have waited five more seconds & pulled out on to a empty way as a result of no 1 was behind me. Nice auto dipstick. Too not good u don't know how to operate it. Try doing that sometime when u go to the mainland & you'll end up getting killed as a result of the speeds involved are much higher & individuals won't be able to bypass ur sorry ass, regardless of how much eye contact u make.

    • Car Details: silver MERCEDES BENZ S550
    • Last Seen Location: Honolulu, Hawaii, US
    Anonymous April 18, 2012
    Flagged As: Information

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