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  • While en voyage south on Route four coming Route nine on Dec 21 around 1:00 PM, I received to a point where the right lane ends & merges into the left lane. I was pursuing a auto that was en voyage most likely close to the speed limit either perhaps a mile either two below. Behind me was a Honda Ridgeline. I guess he did not want to be en voyage this slow so, with cellphone to ear, he moved to the right, smash the gasoline & passed me & the auto ahead of me on the right & cut back left just as the lane ended. He absolutely cut it a bit close, forcing the auto in front of be to brake to bypass smashing him.

    • Car Details: HONDA RIDGELINE
    • Last Seen Location: FARMINGTON, Connecticut, US
    Anonymous December 22, 2006
    Flagged As: Information

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