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  • Typical of the gas-guzzling individuals who purchase these huge pickup trucks, this guy should have a 40-pound cast on his right foot...he operates enjoy a jackrabbit from block to block. Coming up 12th Street NW, he almost peeled out at all red light (naturally he made it his business to be in front of all when he arrived at each light by weaving around vehicles on the one-way street). Once he turned left toward Massachusetts Avenue, NW, he AGAIN just had to beat the auto in the right lane to the next red light at 13th Street, NW. Of course, he jumped the line just before the red light changed to green, & raced under Thomas Circle 1 to be stopped at the red light at 15th Street, NW...where I one time more captured up with him. Maybe he sits so high above the ground in that huge truck that he can't say that he is IN A CITY, not on his back forty acres!!

    • Car Details: CHEVROLET Silverado
    • Last Seen Location: Burgandy Red, Washington DC, US
    Anonymous January 21, 2007
    Flagged As: Information

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