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  • This dumb F*** came up to me from behind. I hadn't noticed him before, so he was undoubtedly making tracks. As I was in the right lane, this dumbass pulls up next to me in the left & suddenly decides he's moving as well fast... So he's happy as a fly in SH** just moving the same speed as me right next to me! HEY! MORON!!! WHY can't u go just a small farther up & obtain in front of me? Or, God Forbid, slip in behind me. WHY Do u choose to go the same speed as me right next to me!?! F***ING STUPID IDIOT...

    • Car Details: White PLYMOUTH Pity Cruiser
    • Last Seen Location: Front Royal, Virginia, US
    Anonymous June 20, 2008
    Flagged As: Information

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