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  • Crazy Driving Tailgating M-72 en voyage west toward Traverse City (Acme)Tailgating enjoy a crazy guy is no way to go thru life...Although, I think u arrived 0.3 seconds faster than individuals en voyage normally.....That is 1 big heavy piece of shit to stop in time. I know. I have a 2001 F-350 Diesel Superduty 4x4.......Never tailgate unless u fully intend to ram. Next time, let's see u stomp it to the floor & obtain that P.O.S. moving & pass the slower driver..... If we bumped, I'm certain u would go all 'chicken shit small victim' & call the cops. What a small pansey. I'd provide u a face-full of bear spray...make my day.....I'll bet u old to beat up 5th graders when u was in high school....People move to Traverse City to obtain away from individuals enjoy you.

    • Car Details: Tan FORD F-250
    • Last Seen Location: Traverse City, Michigan, US
    Anonymous May 22, 2008
    Flagged As: Information

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