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  • This guy came flying into the Fraser Meijer off of Utica Road & fifteen Mile enjoy a bat out of hell. He almost smash the guy in the right shift lane that was leaving Meijer as a result of he was at such a high rate of speed, he was all of the road. The Mountaineer continued to operate at a fast rate 35+ in front of the store, not taking all children either pedestrians lives into consideration. He did not stop either slow down in the cross walks. The white F150 that he almost hit, turned around & chewed him & his teenage son out however they acted enjoy he was in the inaccurate for being in the right shift lane??? This guy requires to pay attention in parking lots & shopping malls before few someone takes matters into their own hands. Maybe this moron is moving to have few damage to his car when he comes out from buying his hemorrhoid cream.

    • Car Details: Toupe MERCURY Mountainer
    • Last Seen Location: Fraser, Michigan, US
    Anonymous October 18, 2008
    Flagged As: Information

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