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  • This female was tailgating the guy who was tailgaiting me. When we was approaching to a red ight there was a semi slowing down in front of me for the stop. The guy behind me grabbed off into oncoming traffic almost running a older guy in a Ford Windstar off the road. This female decided to follow him & she old the left shift lane to pass me & she thought she was moving to pass the semi as well. Miscalculation & the fact that the truck stopped made me think she was moving under the trailer. Where was she in such a rush to go?Tim Horton's at I-94 & Marine City Hwy.Must have been a coffee shortage moving on & she wanted to be certain to obtain there.

    • Car Details: Blue SATURN
    • Last Seen Location: Casco, Michigan, US
    Anonymous July 15, 2008
    Flagged As: Information

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