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  • This woman was seen shoplifting at Lakeside mall. When she was approached she hopped in her new Black Ford Edge & drove off. While she drove out of the parking lot, she almost smash two pedestrians & 3 cards, yelling obscenities & flipping them the bird. Mall security & the local cops was dispatched. She had a young daughter in the vehicle. Not 1 is it sad that this economy has brought this Mother to resort to shoplifting for her daughters Christmas gifts however it is even worse that her eight year old daughter is being brought up in this environment learning that to steal, to swear at innocent individuals that cannot obtain out of ur way, & to operate enjoy a maniac after u have just committed few crimes. I hope this woman gets coal in her stocking, that the cops catch her, & that her small female can have a positive role model.

    • Car Details: BLACK FORD EDGE
    • Last Seen Location: Sterling Heights, Michigan, US
    Anonymous November 23, 2008
    Flagged As: Information

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