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  • Before the sun rose today & while individuals was meandering along the side of the way to catch the bus, a blue Toyota with a OBX sticker in the middle of the windsheild flew through my neighborhood & should have been moving forty five MPH...in a twnty five MPH neighborhood. He almost drove up the back of my car, so I slowed down & then he continued to blow his horn. Now normally I would have brushed it off except dirt bag sat at the light next to me with his window down & yelled the 'F' word for a good two minutes. (We have long lights in Fairfax.) The filth that streamed from this otherwise pleasant-looking older gentleman disgusted me. I mean, even if you're angry that the individual in front of u was actively attempting not to mow down pedestrians by obeying the speed limit & u weren't, does that mean u demand to use all foul word u was ever taught in grade school?Now, if this license plate belongs to ur grandpa...or ur father. I'm sorry. I hope u don't hear the same stuff that was spewing out of his mouth at home. Maybe next year for Christmas, few someone requires to stick few soap in his stocking.Blue Toyota Dirt Bag Grandpa - clean up ur language.

    • Car Details: Blue TOYOTA
    • Last Seen Location: Fairfax, Virginia, US
    Anonymous December 28, 2006
    Flagged As: Information

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