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  • We made a left from 234 S. to go toward Minnieville Rd. You grabbed ur sweet time merging down to 1 lane & 1 went up to eighteen MPH ( in a thirty five ) for in regards a half mile. Then u started swerving above to the left constantly, on a already narrow, curvy road. I then noticed u holding ur open mobile telephone out in ur right hand as u was leisurely having a conversation on speaker...thus making it difficult to hold ur lane, & I guess ur speed as a result of u not ever really could. You'd go from eighteen to 48, not ever failing to swerve over. This went on until almost at Dale Blvd. Idiot. BIG Idiot. Pay attention!

    • Car Details: black NISSAN Pathfinder
    • Last Seen Location: Woodbridge, Virginia, US
    Anonymous October 09, 2008
    Flagged As: Information

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