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  • This female was not moving much faster than sixty five in the left hand lane & slightly swerving. Imagine my surprise when I obtain up to her & see that she is yacking away on her mobile phone. Not 1 that however she is using her non-phone hand to play with her hair! No I am no biologist, however I am fairly certain that many humans have 1 two hands. At 1 point she required to dial alternative friend, assuming she still required to say in regards how shiny her hair is today, & she absolutely dropped way BELOW 65. She stayed in the left hand lane for in regards ten miles, which is when I lost sight of her, so who knows how long she was absolutely there.

    • Car Details: Red PONTIAC Grand Prix
    • Last Seen Location: Turnpike, Eastbound Mile 125, Ohio, US
    Anonymous March 16, 2007
    Flagged As: Information

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