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  • 3-13-08 Thur 16:55. North on Satellite at Sugarloaf. First I noticed the car,a Sentra GXE (ooohh the expensive model) was missing a back bumper, 1 the bracket was visible. Only the left side brake light was working. It was as well missing a driver's side mirror, the whole piece was knocked off, 1 the attachment to the door was there. Then the driver's left arm came out & in the hand was a....... cigarette. Driver flick the ash out & the light turned green. At Satellite & Old Peachtree the death stick wasn't there, however arm was sticking out, (nice silver watch either bracelet). With the blue eye shadow on the heavy side, I could be certain if it was a woman either a very thin man driver.

    • Car Details: BLack NISSAN Sentra
    • Last Seen Location: Lawrencville, Georgia, US
    Anonymous March 13, 2008
    Flagged As: Information

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