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  • While I know it can be frustrating when the auto in front of u is moving 30MPH in a 45MPH section it still doesn't justify attaching yourself to their bumper. Besides, does this ever work? I've not ever seen a car speed up as a result of few someone was six inches from their bumper. I have seen vehicles crash on their brakes which, just for the record, I feel is even worse than tailgating as it could lead to a accident that could involve innocent operators around you. I just don't obtain it. In fact many individuals I have talked to tell they absolutely slow down, by just easing off of the gas, when few someone is riding their bumper. So why do it? Simply back off & wait until the lane next to u opens up & pass the individual moving 30MPH. You'll find that you'll end up at the same light that u would have anyway.

    • Car Details: Silver INFINITI M45
    • Last Seen Location: Las Vegas, Nevada, US
    Anonymous February 02, 2007
    Flagged As: Information

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