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  • This car was 1st spotted moving west on Covington Hwy behind me, less than a auto length from back bumper at forty five mph. Only time he backed off was on approach to a couple of red lights along Covington. Then we merged toward I-285 N, where he continued to attempt & coerce me into moving fast. Uh, I was moving sixty (SL is 55) in the FAR RIGHT LANE while all else was blasting past. Why didn't u join in with them & take ur big honkin' machinery on down the road? Finally he moved to the passing lane where he floored it. At least he signaled his lane change.

    • Car Details: GREY FORD F150
    • Last Seen Location: Dekalb County, Georgia, US
    Anonymous July 13, 2010
    Flagged As: Information

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