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  • At around 9:30 on November 5, I was en voyage west on Covington in Decatur when I merged left to shift south toward Miller. I noticed a auto in the left lane behind me, however the headlights was away back enough so that I could make a safe lane change. All of a sudden, by the time I was fully in the lane, the Chevy Cobalt was less than a car's length away from my back bumper. The left shift arrows for south Miller turned green & rather of this motorist standing by in line, (s)he decided to cut in line forcing the SUV in front of me to brake suddenly. Then the auto tailgated a Lincoln halfway down the way until a stopped 18-wheeler in front of the Marshalls factory blocked traffic (Miller is 1 lane in each direction). The offender passed the 18-wheeler & swerved back into the lane & turned west toward Snapfinger Woods. We then continued west on Snapfinger Woods to Wesley Chapel, where I encountered this idiot's poor en voyage yet again. After turning south toward Wesley Chapel, the motorist came within inches of striking the front of alternative auto in a attempt to merge toward I-20 west. By this time, we was two behind 1 auto at the red right shift arrow. I glanced at the individual & started laughing to myself, saying 'This idiot.' When the arrow turned green, traffic moved forward & the individual in the Cobalt barely was pursuing extremely close to the auto in front. When the motorist saw I was moving a small faster, the jerk swerved into my lane & started tailgating ME, hence the two-lane ramp in regards to merge to one. Although I exited at I-285, I could clearly see the jackass in the Cobalt changing lanes excessively, speeding, cutting off other vehicles, & pursuing as well closely as the car made its way up I-20 toward Atlanta.Seriously, all that ridiculous en voyage received u nowhere, buddy...only to the red lights ten seconds faster.

    • Last Seen Location: DEKALB COUNTY,, Georgia, US
    Anonymous November 06, 2009
    Flagged As: Information

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