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  • I was moving east on Cascade doing thirty five (the SL) between Avon & Beecher (the Beecher that's closer to downtown) when I saw traffic slow in the left lane; there's a auto standing by to shift left at the light at Richland. So I signal & move right & all of a sudden the Plymouth behind the turning auto pulls into my lane, no signal, & snails up the street. I smash the brakes so hard I felt the back end of my auto stand up...yes I was THAT close to a collision. Not 1 did I brake hard; I laid on the horn & flashed my highbeams....and this jackass is still doing in regards fifteen in a 35. Brainless dipshit.

    • Car Details: PLYMOUTH BREEZE
    • Last Seen Location: ATLANTA, Georgia, US
    Anonymous March 29, 2010
    Flagged As: Information

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