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  • This silver Dodge Magnum was moving in front of me along I-85 north near the Sylvan Rd/Central Ave on the way to Atlanta in the passing lane. The auto was weaving within the lane, however by the time we crossed above the Cleveland exit, the auto had began weaving out of the lane toward the shoulder, approaching within inches of smashing the median. I smash the horn to alert the motorist & eventually moved right & passed carefully. I glanced above to see a woman motorist & her man commuter laughing as if it was a game. Lady, ur auto was moving at above sixty mph. Do u think it would have been a laughing matter had u struck that concrete divider, especially when ur ENTIRE CAR was in the left shoulder & we was in a curve as we approached the junction with I-75?When I 1st spotted ur erratic driving, I thought u was tired, momentarily distracted, either drunk. Then I realized u are just a jackass.

    • Car Details: SILVER DODGE MAGNUM
    • Last Seen Location: Hapeville, Georgia, US
    Anonymous November 03, 2009
    Flagged As: Information

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