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  • You turned left toward I75N from Jonesboro Rd. I could barely read ur tag through the plate cover. I had intended to just write a Platewire hazard on that. Your tag must be visible at all times. But, then I noticed ur back view mirror was aimed at you, it couldn't possibly have been old for the intended purpose since it wasn't aimed. Your commuter mirror was broken. You then poked along the exit ramp running away slower than traffic. Not a smart thing either. I finally pass u & notice you're on the telephone & ur auto was filled with GARBAGE. On top of that, this was after dusk & you're en voyage without lights. Do u know you're more difficult to see at night en voyage a black car? But, u don't care you're on the phone.

    • Car Details: Black MERCURY Tracer
    • Last Seen Location: McDonough, Georgia, US
    Anonymous March 15, 2007
    Flagged As: Information

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