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  • Just beyond a curve which individuals can't see around very well this 'rocket scientist' decided it was a good place to park his pickup. Parking there wouldn't be as well not good except he had a empty low trailer designed to carry a car behind he truck. The height of the trailer was 1 in regards 2 feet & with it empty not the easiest of obstacles to see & the way he's parked the trailer is blocking at least 3 feet of the travel lane. This is a busy road. He was parked on E. Paces Ferry at Peachtree Street. I had no problem seeing the trailer however there are a lot of elderly operators in the area. Thanks dumbass of creating a unnecessary safety hazard.

    • Car Details: Brown FORD F150
    • Last Seen Location: Atlanta, Georgia, US
    Anonymous June 23, 2007
    Flagged As: Information

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