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  • This clown is in a GREAT hurry. He rides the bumper of the auto in front of him & passes in 'No-Passing' zones. Fly's through School Zones. And really NEVER gets all where all quicker than the individuals he puts in jeopardy with his violent aggressive en voyage habits. He doesn't realize that just as a result of he goes around 1 auto that there are 5000 other vehicles he would still demand to pass to make up all time. It is laughable to pull up beside him at the next traffic light & see that he is in a rage. He is num 1 in the book of shame. I provide him a new ID of ten T (ID10T)

    • Car Details: Red JEEP Liberty
    • Last Seen Location: Loagville/Grayson, Georgia, US
    Anonymous December 14, 2010
    Flagged As: Information

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