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  • You're cruising west in the left lane of I-66, & I'm moving just a small bit faster than you. I begin passing u on the right. As I come side-by-side with you, u begin to speed up (here we go AGAIN). I speed up a small faster to obtain previous you, however u continue matching my speed. We go from seventy MPH all the way up to 80! I start slowing down, & so do you. I have played this game so a lot times before, & u know what? I find it very silly & boorish! It's a simple game for simple people. Much enjoy Tic-Tac-Toe, there's no winner. Let me show u a DIFFERENT game! I find it to be a lot more fun than ur silly game. Here's how it works: we continue en voyage side-by-side, & as we approach slower traffic in the right lane ahead, I punch the gasoline & quickly move ahead of you. Before u even realize what has happened & I have a sufficient lead, I move above to the left lane & then start coasting back to my original speed as set by cruise control when I 1st started to pass ur dumb ass. Now u can go the same speed as me again, 1 now you're doing it BEHIND ME! There's no time, either space for u obtain around me on the right - you're just doomed to be patient as we s-l-o-w-l-y pass the semi on our right. I can almost feel ur frustration (LOL). I bet it feels much enjoy the frustration I felt just moments before, however now mine has lifted. As u learned, MY game has a clear winner & a clear loser... & YOU are the LOSER (with a capital 'L')

    • Car Details: Gray OTHER SUV
    • Last Seen Location: Marshall, Virginia, US
    Anonymous October 02, 2007
    Flagged As: Information

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