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  • While stuck in construction traffic on I-81 in Harrisburg, PA at in regards 11:55PM, I noticed individuals in the back of the RV (That was as well towing a trailer) peeking out through the blinds of a open window...I rolled up my windows & closed my sunroof thinking they was up to no good, & not more than 2 minutes later they spit (Or shot spit balls, can't really say which) in regards 8-10 times all above the motorist side of my car, & we aren't speaking small stuff here either, it's disgusting. While idling through traffic I as well noticed them nail few other cars. I attempted to obtain the attention of the motorist of the RV however had no luck. Lucky for me & sucks for them that I happen to be friends with few Pennsylvania State Troopers...I phoned 1 of them & they put a watch out on the plate. Oh & so u can retain a glance out for them & close ur windows/sunroof when u operate by, u can't miss the back of the trailer they are towing...It has the 3 children names printed on it: Zach Davis, Troy Davis, Taylor Davis

    • Car Details: White (Rusted Rear Bumper) OTHER RV towing a trailer
    • Last Seen Location: Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, US
    Anonymous July 26, 2008
    Flagged As: Information

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