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  • I was moving south on US Route 12, when I came upon a backup at Cuba Road in Lake Zurich. I rolled up to the intersection, signaled & turned right toward Cuba Road. As I was en voyage I noticed this Prius, who had turned into a parking lot ahead of me when I was on road 12, racing across the same parking lot to bypass the backup/intersection. Apparently, after all she had been through, illegally using a parking lot to bypass a intersection, she decided to blow off the stop sign & pull right out into the lane that I was travelling at 35mph in, now. After mashing the brakes hard as a apparent penalty for observing traffic laws, I was able to return the favor to the very same auto that cut me off a small blocks later. I didn't cut her off so much as I made a point to do EXACTLY the speed limit for her. I think I saw smoke billowing out her ears when I glanced back in the mirror...lol!

    • Car Details: silver TOYOTA Prius
    • Last Seen Location: Lake Zurich, Illinois, US
    Anonymous September 04, 2008
    Flagged As: Information

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